Talon – Shelbyville, Kentucky


Talon Winery, standing gracefully in Shelbyville, offers a harmonious blend of traditional values and modern flair, producing wines that resonate with all generations.

Timeless Vines:

With a commitment to quality, Talon’s vineyards produce grapes that reflect the richness of Shelbyville’s terrain, leading to unparalleled wines.

Dive into Talon’s Tale:

The winery, steeped in history, offers immersive tours where visitors can trace its legacy, innovations, and taste the commitment in every sip.

A Blend of Eras:

While deeply rooted in tradition, Talon also embraces contemporary techniques, ensuring wines that are both classic and current.

Venue of Vibrance:

With its scenic beauty, Talon serves as an idyllic venue for events, from intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, all set against a backdrop of sprawling vineyard.

Scenic Bluff:

Located on a scenic bluff overlooking the Ohio River.

Vineyard and Winery Tour:

Take a special tour of the vineyard and winery to learn about the entire winemaking process.

Special Events:

Host weddings, corporate events, and concerts throughout the year.

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