Old 502 – Louisville, Kentucky


Old 502 Winery, stationed in the urban heart of Louisville, breaks the mold with its unconventional approach, challenging traditional winemaking norms.

Urban Elegance:

As one of the few urban wineries in Kentucky, Old 502 merges the city’s vibrant energy with the sophisticated world of wine.

Reinventing the Bottle:

With bold combinations and experimental batches, Old 502 pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in a wine glass.

The Pulse of Louisville:

Being centrally located, it serves as a gathering spot, where wine aficionados and casual drinkers converge to celebrate the city’s spirit.

Winery with a Beat:

Beyond wine, Old 502 is a place of rhythm, hosting regular musical gigs, art events, and more, echoing Louisville’s artistic heart.

Urban Winery:

Located in a former warehouse in the heart of Louisville’s urban core.

Urban Winemaking Tour:

Take a special tour behind the scenes of winemaking in the city.

Special Events:

Host live music, art shows, and comedy nights throughout the year.

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