Forest Edge – Shepherdsville, Kentucky


Nestled in the heart of Shepherdsville, Forest Edge offers a tranquil wine oasis. The estate seamlessly marries Kentucky’s traditional winemaking ethos with innovative techniques.

Bountiful Harvests:

The vineyards of Forest Edge, nourished by Shepherdsville’s rich soil, yield a myriad of grape varieties. Each season here is a spectacle of nature’s bounty turning into wine magic.

Engage with Forest Edge:

Welcoming both neophytes and connoisseurs, the winery curates immersive experiences. Walk through vines, witness the transformation in cellars, and taste the passion in every glass.

Heritage Meets Modernity:

With its deep-rooted history, Forest Edge has evolved over the decades, consistently producing wines that resonate with both tradition and contemporary tastes.

Events Under the Canopy:

Forest Edge isn’t just about wine. It’s also a hub for community gatherings, offering events that blend music, art, and wine in perfect symphony.

Historic Farm:

Located on a historic farm that dates back to the 1800s.

Educational Programs:

Offers a variety of educational programs about winemaking and grape growing.

Charming Tasting Room:

Taste wines in a rustic and charming tasting room housed in a converted barn.

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