McIntyre’s – Bardstown, Kentucky


Located in the “Bourbon Capital of the World,” McIntyre’s Winery offers a delightful divergence with its premium wines, embodying the heart and soul of Bardstown.

Legacy of the Land:

Drawing from Bardstown’s rich heritage, McIntyre’s wines speak of the terroir, climate, and passion of the region.

Taste the Terroir:

McIntyre’s invites visitors to sample their exquisite range, which showcases the diverse flavors and aromas inherent to Bardstown’s geography.

A Confluence of Crafts:

While Bardstown may be bourbon-centric, McIntyre’s proves that exceptional wines can also share the stage in this spirited town.

Events and Elegance:

Beyond their wines, the winery is a hub for cultural events, wine-paired dinners, and tastings, making it an essential stop in Bardstown.

Historic Bourbon Distillery:

Located in a historic building that was once a bourbon distillery.

Bourbon Tour:

Take a special tour of the bourbon distillery.

Special Events:

Host wine tastings, concerts, and art shows throughout the year.

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