Equus Run – Midway, Kentucky


Amidst the verdant stretches of Midway lies Equus Run, a testament to refined taste and vinicultural prowess. A place where each bottle narrates a tale of the land and its dedicated cultivators.

The Vineyard’s Melody:

Equus Run’s vineyards, bathed in Midway’s gentle sun, yield grapes that carry the essence of the region. This rich bounty is the foundation of their renowned wines.

Embrace the Equus Run Spirit:

From expert-led tastings to walking amidst rows of ripening grapes, visitors are submerged in an authentic winery experience, celebrating both the process and the product.

A Chronicle of Excellence:

Equus Run stands as a hallmark of Midway’s wine journey. Their wines, each with its unique character, are a tribute to the timeless art of winemaking.

More than Wine:

The estate doubles as a venue for numerous events, musical evenings, and gatherings, making Equus Run a cultural epicenter in Midway.

Herd of Horses: Horses help manage the vineyards and provide manure for fertilizing the soil.

Equestrian Experience Tour:

Learn about the winery’s horses and go for a horseback ride through the vineyards.

Wine-Paired Dinners:

Enjoy wine-paired dinners at the winery in partnership with a local restaurant.

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