Limestone Branch Distillery – Lebanon, Kentucky

The Symphony of Flavors and Tradition


Nestled in the vibrant landscapes of Lebanon, Kentucky, Limestone Branch stands as a confluence of rich history and innovative distillation techniques. Here, every spirit tells a tale.

The Beam and Dant Legacy:

Limestone Branch has a storied lineage, being the brainchild of the descendants of two legendary whiskey-making families: the Beams and the Dants. This powerful combination of histories gives Limestone Branch a depth of knowledge and passion that’s palpable in every spirit they produce.

Our Roots Run Deep:

Limestone Branch carries a legacy that few can match. Founded by a family with distilling in their blood, it’s more than just a business; it’s a continuation of a lineage. Lebanon has watched and tasted as Limestone Branch revolutionized the craft.

Exceptional Experiences:

Step into Limestone Branch, and you’ll be transported to a world where every detail matters. Our tours meticulously guide enthusiasts through the history, methodology, and the future we envision. And what’s a visit without savoring our exceptional range of spirits?

Handcrafted Spirits:

Limestone Branch Distillery is renowned for its small-batch production, ensuring that every bottle released has received personal attention and care. This handcrafted approach guarantees the quality and character of their spirits, setting them apart in the industry.

Heirloom Corn Varieties:

Distinctive to Limestone Branch is their use of heirloom corn varieties in their mash bill. This practice not only harks back to historical methods but also infuses their spirits with a unique and authentic flavor profile, capturing the essence of the past.

Moonshine Heritage:

In addition to their exquisite bourbons, Limestone Branch pays tribute to the family’s moonshining roots by crafting a range of premium moonshines. These products honor the legacy of the early distillers while showcasing modern expertise.

Sustainable Distilling:

A firm believer in sustainability, Limestone Branch Distillery practices environmentally friendly distilling. From grain sourcing to waste management, every step reflects their commitment to the land and community of Lebanon.

Whiskey Workshops:

For those eager to delve deeper, Limestone Branch offers whiskey workshops where visitors can learn about the nuances of whiskey making, from grain selection to barrel aging. It’s a hands-on experience, perfect for both novices and aficionados. 

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