Old Friends Farm Tour – Georgetown, Kentucky

Old Friends Farm Tour with Bourbon Town Tours: Celebrating the Legacy of Thoroughbred Champions

The Old Friends Farm Tour, a unique offering from Bourbon Town Tours, invites guests to experience the heartwarming story of retired thoroughbred racehorses. Nestled in the scenic landscapes of Kentucky, the tour stands as a tribute to the lives of retired thoroughbred racehorses. Bourbon Town Tours, known for their exceptional Kentucky experiences, offers visitors a chance to explore Old Friends Farm, a sanctuary dedicated to providing a dignified retirement to horses whose racing and breeding careers have come to an end.

The Old Friends Farm Tour Experience

Participants in the Old Friends Farm Tour embark on a journey that offers more than just a glimpse into the world of horse racing; it provides a heartening look at what happens to these magnificent creatures after their careers on the track. The tour begins with an introduction to the mission and history of the farm, setting the stage for an emotionally resonant and enlightening experience.

Meeting the Retired Champions

A central highlight of the tour is the opportunity to meet and interact with retired racehorses. Guests are introduced to various champions and fan favorites, each with their own unique story of triumph, struggle, and ultimately, a peaceful retirement. Visitors hear the compelling histories of these horses, understanding the impact they had on the sport of horse racing.

Touring the Farm and Facilities

The tour includes a comprehensive exploration of the farm’s grounds and facilities. Participants stroll through the paddocks, visit the barns, and see where the horses spend their days in comfort and care. The serene setting of the farm offers a tranquil backdrop to the stories of these retired thoroughbreds.

Insights into Horse Care and Retirement

Visitors gain valuable insights into the care and management of retired racehorses. The tour discusses the nutritional, medical, and general welfare practices employed by Old Friends Farm to ensure the horses enjoy a comfortable and fulfilling retirement.

Old Friends Farm’s Role in the Thoroughbred Community

The Old Friends Farm Tour, as part of Bourbon Town Tours, emphasizes the farm’s vital role in advocating for the welfare of retired racehorses. The tour explores how Old Friends Farm has become a leader in the movement to provide a safe haven for these animals, setting an example for the racing industry.

Sustainability and Preservation at Old Friends Farm

Throughout the tour, the emphasis is placed on Old Friends Farm’s commitment to sustainability and preservation. Visitors learn about the farm’s efforts to maintain an environmentally friendly and sustainable operation, showcasing its dedication to being a responsible steward of both the land and the horses.

Connecting with Kentucky’s Horse Racing Heritage

The tour serves as a gateway to understanding the broader context of Kentucky’s horse racing heritage. Bourbon Town Tours encourages guests to delve deeper into the region’s rich equine history, visiting local racetracks, museums, and other horse farms.

A Tour for All Horse Enthusiasts

The Old Friends Farm Tour is designed to appeal to a diverse audience, including horse racing fans, animal lovers, and those interested in equine welfare. Its educational and engaging nature ensures a memorable experience for every visitor, deepening their understanding and appreciation of the thoroughbred industry.

Join the Old Friends Farm Tour with Bourbon Town Tours

The Old Friends Farm Tour with Bourbon Town Tours offers a poignant and captivating exploration of retired thoroughbred racehorses’ lives. This tour invites you to witness the compassionate side of the horse racing world and learn about the care and respect these magnificent animals receive after their racing days.

We invite you to join the Old Friends Farm Tour with Bourbon Town Tours and immerse yourself in the touching stories of these retired champions. Book your tour today and be part of an unforgettable journey that honors the legacy of thoroughbred racehorses. Don’t miss this chance to explore Old Friends Farm, a sanctuary that exemplifies the beauty of giving back to the equine athletes that have given so much to the sport and culture of horse racing.


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