Mill Ridge Farm Tour – Lexington, KY

Mill Ridge Farm Tour: Discover the Heart of Kentucky’s Horse Country

Immerse yourself in the rich heritage and beauty of Kentucky’s horse country with the Mill Ridge Farm Tour. Nestled near the iconic Keeneland Racetrack in Lexington, Kentucky, Mill Ridge Farm offers a unique and interactive experience, perfect for families, friends, and horse enthusiasts. Explore the world of elite thoroughbred production on this hands-on tour, steeped in history and rooted in the legacy of breeding champion racehorses.

Discover the History and Legacy with Mill Ridge Farm Tour

Founded in 1962 by Alice Chandler, Mill Ridge Farm quickly established itself as a cornerstone in the thoroughbred racing world. With a legacy of breeding, raising, and/or selling 37 Grade 1 Winners since 2000, Mill Ridge Farm is a testament to quality and excellence in horse breeding. Today, the farm is managed by Alice’s son, Headley Bell, and grandson, Price Bell, who continue to uphold the family’s tradition of excellence in thoroughbred care and training.

A Glimpse into Elite Thoroughbred Production

The Mill Ridge Farm Tour provides an exclusive look into the intricacies of thoroughbred breeding and training. Learn about the meticulous care and planning that goes into producing some of the world’s most prestigious racehorses. The tour offers insights into the daily routines and training of these magnificent animals, showcasing what it takes to raise a champion.

Breathtaking Views and Daily Life at the Farm

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Kentucky’s rolling hills, Mill Ridge Farm is a serene and beautiful destination. The tour offers breathtaking views of the farm and an intimate look into the daily life of thoroughbreds. From observing their training sessions to understanding their care routines, the tour is a journey through the life of a racehorse.

Interactive and Educational Experience

Mill Ridge Farm Tour is designed to be interactive and educational, making it an ideal outing for visitors of all ages. Engage with experienced guides, meet the horses up close, and learn about the farm’s history and its role in the thoroughbred industry. This hands-on approach ensures an unforgettable experience for everyone, from avid horse racing fans to those new to the equine world.

The Proximity to Keeneland Racetrack

Located near Keeneland Racetrack, one of America’s most famous racetracks, Mill Ridge Farm is at the heart of Kentucky’s horse racing tradition. This proximity to Keeneland adds to the charm of the tour, offering guests a chance to connect with the larger context of horse racing in Kentucky.

Sustainability and Stewardship

Mill Ridge Farm is not just committed to raising champion racehorses; it is also dedicated to sustainability and stewardship of the land. The tour highlights the farm’s efforts in maintaining environmentally responsible practices, showcasing their commitment to preserving the natural beauty and heritage of Kentucky’s horse country.

Perfect for Families and Horse Enthusiasts

Whether you’re a family looking for a unique outdoor experience, a group of friends seeking an engaging outing, or a horse enthusiast eager to learn more about thoroughbred racing, the Mill Ridge Farm Tour is perfect for you. It’s an experience that combines education, interaction, and the beauty of Kentucky’s horse country.

An Unforgettable Adventure in Horse Country

The Mill Ridge Farm Tour is more than just a visit to a horse farm; it’s an adventure into the heart of Kentucky’s horse country. Experience the passion, tradition, and beauty of thoroughbred racing at one of Kentucky’s most prestigious farms. It’s an outing that promises to be educational, interactive, and unforgettable.

Ready to experience the magic of Kentucky’s horse country? Book your Mill Ridge Farm Tour today and step into a world of beauty, tradition, and equine excellence. Whether you’re a horse lover or just looking for a unique adventure, Mill Ridge Farm offers an experience you won’t forget. Join us for an unforgettable journey through the heart of thoroughbred racing. Book now and discover the spirit of Kentucky’s horse country!


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