Woodford Reserve – Versailles, Kentucky

Where Every Drop Counts


Surrounded by the picturesque Versailles landscape, Woodford Reserve is the embodiment of bourbon craftsmanship and elegance.

Centuries of Sophistication:

Anchored in over 200 years of bourbon-making history, Woodford Reserve is a symphony of time-honored traditions and modern nuances.

Triple Distilled Excellence:

Known for its unique triple distillation process, Woodford Reserve ensures a bourbon experience that’s smooth, refined, and unparalleled.

Art of Balance:

Blending over 200 detectable flavor notes, Woodford Reserve promises a sensory journey with every sip.

Heritage at Heart:

The iconic pot stills and stone warehouses testify to the distillery’s commitment to preserving its rich bourbon heritage.

Master’s Collection:

In homage to past masters, limited edition releases showcase the distillery’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

Discover the Reserve:

Guests are invited to immerse in the world of Woodford Reserve, witnessing the magic of bourbon creation and partaking in exquisite tasting sessions. 

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