Willett Distillery – Bardstown, Kentucky

A Melody of Bourbon Perfection


Bardstown, the world’s bourbon capital, is home to many legends, and among them is Willett Distillery. With each pour, Willett tells a story of dedication, passion, and mastery.

Chronicles of Willett:

The history of Willett isn’t just about bourbon; it’s about a family’s dream, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Dive into Willett:

A visit to Willett is a journey through time. Experience our age-old traditions, witness bourbon crafting in action, and indulge in tasting sessions that will remain etched in memory.

Rye Revivalists:

Willett played a crucial role in the resurgence of craft rye whiskey, earning accolades for its distinctive ryes.

Family Driven:

Continuously family-owned and operated, every decision and distillation reflects the Willett family’s dedication to the craft.

Limited Editions Galore:

Known for releasing sought-after limited-edition bourbons and ryes that collectors and enthusiasts chase.

Natural Springs:

The distillery’s water source, a natural spring, ensures a consistent and pure ingredient for every batch.

Bardstown’s Hidden Gem:

While many flock to larger names, those in the know understand Willett is a must-visit for true bourbon aficionados. 

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