Whiskey Thief – Frankfort, Kentucky

Farming Spirits, Distilling Nature


Nestled amidst Kentucky’s lush landscapes, Whiskey Thief is where nature’s bounty is transformed into spirited excellence.

From Soil to Spirit:

As a true farm distillery, every ingredient is carefully cultivated, ensuring authenticity in every bottle.

Nature’s Recipe:Harnessing the pure essence of the land, Whiskey Thief crafts spirits that are an ode to nature’s richness.

Sustainably Spirited:

With a commitment to sustainable farming, the distillery ensures that nature and craft coexist harmoniously.

Family Farm Legacy:

Generations of farming expertise now distill into bottles of crafted spirits that tell tales of the land and its stewards.

A Taste of the Terroir:

Visitors are invited to experience not just the spirits but also the farm, understanding the essence that fuels each bottle.

Organic Excellence:

Their dedication to organic practices results in spirits that are pure, natural, and a true reflection of Kentucky’s fertile lands

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