Stitzel-Weller – Louisville, Kentucky

Where History Meets Innovation


Located in the bustling heart of Louisville, Stitzel-Weller is a landmark in the bourbon world. This distillery merges a rich history with a vision for the future, ensuring every sip tells a unique story.

Legacy of Stitzel-Weller:

Renowned for its “Old Fitzgerald” line and as the original home of Pappy Van Winkle, Stitzel-Weller has long been associated with bourbon royalty. With its doors first opening in 1935, the distillery has been a beacon of craftsmanship and innovation.

A Modern-Day Pilgrimage:

Visitors are welcome to explore the sacred grounds of Stitzel-Weller, gaining insight into its legendary bourbon-making process and tasting some of the finest spirits known to man.

Wheated Bourbon Vanguard:

Stitzel-Weller was ahead of the curve, championing wheated bourbons which are now beloved for their softer finish and sweet palate.

The Legacy of Pappy:

Recognized globally as the original domicile of the esteemed Pappy Van Winkle bourbons, Stitzel-Weller’s lineage intertwines with bourbon blue blood.

Derby Day Debut:

Commencing operations on the iconic Derby Day in 1935, Stitzel-Weller seamlessly married its origins with Kentucky’s celebrated horse racing tradition.

Trailblazers of Taste:

Not just satisfied with traditional bourbon, Stitzel-Weller was instrumental in ushering the era of premium whiskey, curating brands that embodied sophistication and depth.

Shutters of Significance:

More than just architectural flair, the red shutters of the distillery stand as icons, symbolizing decades of undeterred bourbon tradition. 

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