Rabbit Hole – Louisville, Kentucky

Into the Depths of Bourbon Artistry


Rabbit Hole, set against the urban backdrop of Louisville, invites aficionados to a modernized and unique bourbon experience.

A New-Age Reverie:

Driven by Kaveh Zamanian’s transformative vision, Rabbit Hole marries traditional craft with contemporary artistry.

Divergent Mash Bills:

Setting itself apart, Rabbit Hole’s experimental mash bills narrate a tale of daring and innovation in each sip.

A Distillery by Design:

Their architectural masterpiece not only stands out in Louisville’s cityscape but also embodies the brand’s novel approach to age-old traditions.

Whiskey Renaissance:

With a dedication to unveiling novel spirits, Rabbit Hole is a beacon of innovation in the whiskey realm.

Embracing Modernity:

Every corner of the distillery, every drop of bourbon, echoes their commitment to modern craftsmanship.

Unearthing the Sublime:

Guests are treated to immersive experiences, guiding them through the intricacies of Rabbit Hole’s innovative distillation processes.

A Contemporary Legend:

In a world of historic bourbon giants, Rabbit Hole is rapidly carving its legendary path, one batch at a time.

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