Preservation Distillery – Bardstown, Kentucky

Preserving the Bourbon Soul


Preservation Distillery in Bardstown stands as a symbol of bourbon’s timeless allure. With every sip, one experiences the heart and soul of Kentucky’s rich bourbon heritage.

Craftsmanship and Commitment:

At Preservation, every bourbon is a masterpiece. With a rich heritage in Bardstown, we are devoted to preserving and elevating the bourbon experience.

Unearth the Magic:

Step inside and be mesmerized by the tales of tradition, craftsmanship, and dedication. Experience fi=]]][sthand the passion and precision that goes into each bottle.

Small-Batch Excellence:

Specializing in small-batch productions, every bottle from Preservation is a limited-edition.

Craft Over Commerce:

With a focus on artisan techniques, the distillery prioritizes quality over quantity.

A Grain-to-Glass Experience:

Visitors can witness the entire bourbon-making process in an intimate setting.

Local Ingredients:

Emphasizing local sourcing, the grains used are from surrounding farms, ensuring freshness and authenticity.

Hand-Bottled Precision:

Each bottle is filled and sealed by hand, emphasizing their commitment to craftsmanship.      

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