Michter’s – Louisville, Kentucky

Time-Honored Excellence, Bottle by Bottle


In Louisville’s storied streets, Michter’s stands as a testament to a legacy of unparalleled bourbon and whiskey craftsmanship.

A Legacy Revived:

Drawing roots from America’s first whiskey distilling company, Michter’s today is a beacon of tradition, quality, and innovation.

The Pursuit of Perfection:

Adhering to strict production standards, Michter’s ensures that only the finest spirits bear their iconic label.

Fort Nelson Resurgence:

Their Fort Nelson Distillery not only revives a historic landmark but also exemplifies Michter’s commitment to heritage and excellence.

Barrels Above All:

Michter’s distinctive heat-cycling aging process extracts deeper flavors from the wood, resulting in spirits that are rich, smooth, and mature beyond their years.

Experience the Exquisite:

Venture into the heart of their operations, witness the magic of bourbon-making, and savor the results of meticulous craftsmanship.

Tradition Meets Today:

While deeply anchored in history, Michter’s continuously refines its methods, ensuring that every bottle is the epitome of quality.

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