Maker’s Mark Distillery – Loretto, Kentucky

Experience Authentic Bourbon Making


Dive deep into the heart of Loretto, Kentucky and discover Maker’s Mark, a distillery that prides itself on tradition, craftsmanship, and exceptional bourbon.

History of Maker’s Mark:

Established in the serene landscapes of Loretto, Maker’s Mark has been redefining the bourbon experience since its inception. Learn about its rich history and the hands that shaped its legacy.

Tours and Tastings:

At Maker’s Mark, we offer immersive tours that provide insights into our unique bourbon-making process. Don’t miss out on tasting our premium selection.

The Red Wax Seal:

One of the iconic elements of Maker’s Mark is its unmistakable red wax seal. More than just a decorative feature, it’s a testament to the brand’s dedication to craftsmanship and individuality. Each bottle is hand-dipped, ensuring that while the bourbon inside is consistent, every seal is unique.

The Samuels’ Legacy:

The legacy of Maker’s Mark is deeply intertwined with the Samuels family. For generations, the family has been at the helm, passionately guiding and preserving the integrity of the bourbon. T. W. Samuels laid the groundwork, but it was Bill Samuels Sr.’s revolutionary recipe that gave birth to the Maker’s Mark we know today.

Sustainable Approach:

Maker’s Mark is deeply committed to sustainability. The distillery has integrated environmentally-friendly practices throughout its operations, ensuring that the beauty of Loretto is preserved for generations to come. From repurposing waste to conserving water, Maker’s Mark is as dedicated to the environment as it is to bourbon.

The Limestone Water:

A vital ingredient in the bourbon-making process is the pure, iron-free limestone water sourced from the distillery’s own spring. This unique water profile plays an essential role in giving Maker’s Mark its distinctive taste.

Bespoke Barrels:

Maker’s Mark goes the extra mile when it comes to aging their bourbon. They use barrels that are crafted to their specifications, ensuring that the bourbon matures with the right flavor profile. This bespoke approach is just another layer in their commitment to excellence.

Crafting Beyond Bourbon:

While bourbon is undeniably the star, Maker’s Mark also offers a series of artisanal experiences, from handcrafting your own labels to understanding the art of pairing bourbon with food. Every visit promises a deeper dive into the world of bourbon appreciation.

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