Log Still Distilling-New Haven,KY

A Legacy Reimagined Through Every Drop


Welcome to Log Still Distilling, where the legacy of spirit crafting is not just preserved but vivaciously reimagined. Situated in the luscious landscapes of Kentucky, our distillery stands as a testament to a rich history, relentless innovation, and the creation of spirits that enchant and captivate.

Where History Meets Innovation:

Our spirit crafting journey is profoundly anchored in a rich history that reverberates through our distilling practices, while simultaneously embracing innovative techniques and ideas. At Log Still, every expression is a delightful dalliance between tradition and modernity.

Craftsmanship in Focus:

Impeccable craftsmanship is the lifeblood of Log Still. Every step of our distilling process, from selecting premium ingredients to the meticulous aging process, is conducted with unwavering attention to detail, ensuring spirits that are exquisitely harmonious.

Sustainability, Our Guiding Principle:

Our commitment to sustainability permeates every aspect of our distillation process. From environmentally mindful production practices to supporting local communities, our operations are crafted to be as kind to the planet as they are to your palate.

A Melange of Flavors:

Experience a world where each spirit is a unique exploration of flavors, aromas, and textures. Our offerings span a wide spectrum, ensuring a spirit for every palate, every occasion, and every heartfelt celebration.

Your Journey Through Our Legacy:

Visitors to Log Still are invited on a journey through our legacy, exploring the stories, craftsmanship, and the vibrant community that defines us. Every tour is an immersive experience, meticulously curated to offer insights into our world.

Building a Spirited Community:

At Log Still, we envision a community where enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and curious minds converge, sharing stories, experiences, and celebrations over perfectly crafted glasses of our expressions. Our spaces are not merely physical locales but vibrant gatherings where connections are forged and celebrated.

Experience Log Still:

We extend a warm invitation to delve into the world of Log Still Distilling, to explore and savor our creations, and to become part of our spirited community, where every sip is a celebration of our rich legacy, innovative spirit, and the vibrant community that weaves through our existence.

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