Ky Cooperage – Lebanon, Kentucky

Crafting Barrels, Crafting Histories


In Lebanon, amidst the bourbon giants, stands Ky Cooperage, the unsung hero. Here, barrels are not just made; histories are crafted.

Beyond the Wood:

Every bourbon’s essence lies in its aging, and at the heart of it is the barrel. Ky Cooperage, deeply rooted in Lebanon’s traditions, ensures every barrel is a vessel of perfection.

Discover the Art of Cooperage:

Witness the magic behind bourbon’s silent companion. Understand the craftsmanship of barrel-making, explore our heritage, and gain a newfound appreciation for what lies beyond the spirit.

Oak Mastery:

As specialists in white oak barrels, Ky Cooperage ensures optimum aging conditions for bourbon.

Fire and Toast:

Delving deep into the arts of charring and toasting, the cooperage perfects the inside of each barrel to influence bourbon flavor.

Sustainability First:

Understanding the importance of oak, there’s a focus on sustainable wood sourcing to ensure future generations of barrels.

Craftsmanship On Display:

Offering tours, visitors can witness the age-old craft of barrel-making in action.

Integral to Bourbon:

Recognizing that nearly 70% of a bourbon’s flavor can come from the barrel, Ky Cooperage takes its role in the bourbon industry seriously.