Great Flood – Louisville, Kentucky

Waves of Flavor, Ocean of Passion


Great Flood Brewing crashes onto the Louisville beer scene, bringing with it waves of flavor and an ocean of brewing passion.

Tidal Tastes:

Every beer is a surge of flavors, crafted to provide a refreshing and fulfilling experience.

Crafting Cataclysms:

Inspired by nature’s power, Great Flood’s brews are both impactful and memorable.

Ebb and Flow:

From their core range to seasonal offerings, there’s a rhythm to their releases, ensuring there’s always something new on the horizon.

Dive In:

At Great Flood, you’re not just a patron; you’re a fellow adventurer, riding the waves of brewing excellence.

Tales of Ales:

Join us as we navigate the vast seas of beer, sharing stories, flavors, and a passion for the craft.
  • Historic Building: Located in a historic building that was once a flour mill.
  • Wide Variety of Beers: Offers a wide variety of beers, including IPAs, stouts, and porters.
  • Food Trucks: Enjoy food from a variety of food trucks that visit the brewery on a rotating basis.

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