Copper and Kings – Louisville, Kentucky

Brandy’s Modern Monarch


Nestled in Louisville’s spirited embrace, Copper and Kings defies conventions, championing the resurgence of American brandy with a touch of rock and roll.

The Brandy Revolution:

More than just a distillery, it’s a movement; pushing brandy into the 21st century with innovation, artistry, and audacity.

Distilled Ambitions:

Amidst bourbon giants, they craft brandy that’s bold, contemporary, and undeniably American, elevating the traditional spirit to newfound heights.

Sonic Aging Brilliance:

Harnessing the power of music, their unique sonic aging process uses sound waves to enhance the maturation of their spirits.

The Skydeck Symphony:

Their rooftop offers not just panoramic views of Louisville but also an immersion into the rhythms that shape their brandies.

A Fusion of Art and Spirit:

Every bottle represents a harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern artistry, echoing with passion and creativity.

Elevate Your Senses:

Tours at Copper and Kings promise an experience beyond tasting – an exploration of brandy’s rebirth in America’s heartland.

The Pulse of Modern Brandy:

With their relentless drive for perfection, Copper and Kings are setting the bar for what American brandy can and should be.

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