Castle & Key – Frankfort, Kentucky

Distilling Dreams in Historic Halls


At the historic grounds of the Old Taylor Distillery, Castle & Key isn’t just reviving a place, but the art of exquisite spirit-making.

Renaissance of a Legend:

With a commitment to restoration, Castle & Key breathes new life into a distillery that once set industry standards.

Garden of Spirits:

Nestled amidst botanical gardens, the distillery crafts spirits that are as much a product of nature as they are of artisanship.

Majestic Beginnings:

The castle-like architecture stands as a testament to the grandeur and vision of the distillery’s illustrious past.

Modern Alchemy:

Using time-tested methods in sync with contemporary innovations, Castle & Key is scripting a new chapter in spirit production.

Historic Walls, Modern Tales:

Visitors are welcomed into a world where history intertwines with the present, offering a unique tasting and tour experience.

Promise of Purity:

Dedicated to quality and authenticity, every bottle from Castle & Key is a tribute to excellence and passion.

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