Angel’s Envy – Louisville, Kentucky

Heavenly Bourbon, Earthly Passion


Angel’s Envy, situated in Louisville’s historic downtown, is where passion, innovation, and bourbon come together in a celestial dance.

A Family Affair:

Founded by the legendary Lincoln Henderson and now stewarded by his family, Angel’s Envy is a testament to generations of bourbon expertise and love for the craft.

Port Finish Perfection:

Distinguished by its unique port wine barrel finish, Angel’s Envy offers a tasting experience that is both familiar and refreshingly new. Embark on a journey that explores this unique finishing process and savor the divine result.

Sublime Port Finish:

Distinctly Angel’s Envy, the bourbon is refined in port wine casks, introducing an ensemble of flavors from dried fruits to a hint of vanilla.

Three Generations of Mastery:

The Henderson legacy, led by the revered Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson, is deeply etched into every bottle of Angel’s Envy, blending tradition with innovation.

The Intensity of Cask Strength:

Beyond their core offerings, Angel’s Envy unveils a Cask Strength bourbon, renowned for its profound, multifaceted flavors.

Craft Your Elixir:

Going beyond standard tours, Angel’s Envy engages enthusiasts with workshops where they’re mentored to concoct their unique whiskey blend.

Nature’s Stewards:

Embodying sustainability, Angel’s Envy pledges to plant an oak for every bottle they sell, ensuring a harmonious balance with nature and laying foundations for future bourbon generations.

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