Akasha – Louisville, Kentucky

Spiritual Brews, Enlightened Tastes


Akasha, rooted in an ancient Sanskrit word meaning ‘Aether’, is a brewery that transcends the ordinary to deliver ethereal beer experiences.

Brews with Depth:

Every sip of an Akasha brew is a dive into layered flavors, crafted with soulful dedication.

Elevated Brewing:

Blending age-old practices with innovative techniques, Akasha redefines beer enlightenment.

Spiritual Sips:

Beyond just taste, Akasha’s beers are about feeling, experiencing, and understanding the brew’s spirit.

Elevate Your Palate:

Step into their realm, taste the dedication, and elevate your beer appreciation.

Mystical Flavors:

Every beer is a journey, a tale, a meditation on what beer can truly be when crafted with spirit and passion.
  • Farm-to-Glass: Uses locally sourced ingredients to craft its beers.
  • Seasonal Beers: Offers a rotating selection of seasonal beers to keep things interesting.
  • Taproom: Enjoy beers in the taproom, which features a cozy atmosphere and live music on the weekends.

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