Against The Grain – Louisville, Kentucky

Rebel Brews, Unconventional Tastes


Against The Grain Brewery defies conventions, crafting beers that stand out and challenge the status quo.

Rebellion in Every Sip:

Crafted for the mavericks, every brew is a statement, a declaration of independence from the mundane.

Daringly Different:

Bold flavors, unexpected combinations, and a penchant for the unexpected define Against The Grain’s offerings.

Crafted with Conviction:

Unapologetically unique, their beers are a testament to the brewery’s commitment to authenticity and passion.

Join the Uprising:

Step into a world where the norm is challenged, where tastes are unconfined, and where every pint is a protest against the ordinary.

A Grain Apart:

Visit Against The Grain, where you’re not just tasting beer, you’re experiencing a brewing revolution.
  • Bold Experimentation: Renowned for pushing the boundaries with bold and innovative beer creations, including smoked beers, sour beers, and barrel-aged masterpieces.
  • Diverse Culinary Offerings: Pair your beer with a diverse range of culinary delights available from the on-site food truck.
  • Al Fresco Experience: Enjoy the outdoors and soak up the sun on the spacious outdoor patio.

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