West Sixth – Lexington, Kentucky

Where Trails Converge, Beers Emerge


West Sixth, located in Lexington’s historic district, is a crossroads of brewing traditions and innovative spirit.

Trailblazing Brews:

Charting its own course in the brewing landscape, West Sixth offers beers that are both rooted in tradition and adventurous in nature.

Crafting Community:

More than just a brewery, West Sixth is a community hub, fostering connections over chilled pints.

Historic Hops:

Nestled in a historic building, every brew is a nod to the past while embracing modern brewing techniques.

Lexington’s Liquid Gold:

Representing the essence of Lexington, West Sixth is a beacon for beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike.
  • Large Selection of Beers: Offers a large selection of beers, including IPAs, stouts, porters, and sours.
  • Food Trucks: Enjoy food from a variety of food trucks that visit the brewery on a rotating basis. Family
  • Friendly: Family-friendly atmosphere with a play area for kids.

Journey with Us:

Step into our brewing universe, savor our diverse range, and become part of the West Sixth story.

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