Sun Valley Mares – Versailles, Kentucky


Welcome to Sun Valley Mares, nestled in the heart of Versailles, Kentucky. Our esteemed farm stands as a testament to Kentucky’s rich equestrian heritage, playing a pivotal role in the breeding and nurturing of championship horses.

Legacy of Champions:

At Sun Valley Mares, we pride ourselves on producing thoroughbreds that have left their mark in racetracks worldwide. Our legacy is etched in the annals of horse racing, with our mares and offspring consistently making headlines.

Experience Sun Valley Mares:

We invite visitors to embark on an immersive journey through our lush pastures and state-of-the-art facilities. Here, you’ll witness the meticulous care, training, and passion that goes into nurturing the next generation of champions.

Kentucky’s Equestrian Gem:

With vast sprawling lands dedicated to the well-being of our horses, Sun Valley Mares is a must-visit for every horse enthusiast. Our commitment to excellence is visible in every corner of our farm, from our well-maintained barns to our knowledgeable staff.

Majestic Equine Beauty:

Sun Valley Mares is a picturesque horse farm nestled in the heart of Kentucky’s bluegrass region, known for its stunningly beautiful mares.

Breeding Excellence:

The farm is renowned for its commitment to breeding top-quality horses, with a focus on maintaining the highest standards in the industry.

Scenic Tours:

Visitors can enjoy guided tours of the farm, offering a chance to see these magnificent mares up close and witness the breeding process in action.

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