Route 52 Moonshine, LLC-Lexington KY

A Journey Along the Spirited Path of Tradition and Craft


Navigate the spirited trails with Route 52 Moonshine, LLC, where our moonshine isn’t merely a spirit, it’s an intricate blend of heritage, meticulous craftsmanship, and a robust celebration of flavors and memories.

Echoing the Spirit of Tradition:

Ensconced in [Location], Route 52 Moonshine intertwines tradition and innovative spirit crafting, curating offerings that are both a nod to our heritage and an embrace of contemporary palates.

Embarking on a Flavor Expedition:

Our creations embody a panorama of flavors, each expression unique, unfolding a distinctive tale of textures and aromas that are an exploration of our crafting journey and the rich landscapes that inspire us.

Sustainability in Every Drop:

We are steadfastly committed to sustainable crafting, ensuring that each spirited drop reflects not just the mastery of our craft but also our dedication to preserving and respecting the environments that nurture our ingredients.

Welcoming You to Our World:

An invitation to delve into the world of Route 52 Moonshine is always open, offering an intimate glimpse into our crafting philosophy, the tales and traditions that shape us, and the spirits that define our journey.

Convergence of Stories and Spirits:

Envisioned as a spirited gathering place, Route 52 is where tales are spun, spirits are shared, and where every encounter is a tapestry of shared memories and delightful experiences.

Your Spirited Sojourn Awaits:

Embark with us on a spirited expedition at Route 52 Moonshine, LLC, where every sip is a chapter of our story, each spirit is a canvas of our craftsmanship, and every visit is an entwining in our evolving narrative.

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