Muhammad Ali Center – Louisville, Kentucky


Step into the world of The Greatest. The Muhammad Ali Center, located in Louisville, is a cultural attraction and an international education facility inspired by the ideals of its founder, Muhammad Ali.

Journey of a Legend:

Delve deep into the life of Ali, from his boxing triumphs to his humanitarian efforts and outspoken advocacy for justice and peace.

Experience Ali’s Vision:

Through multimedia exhibits, interactive stations, and poignant memorabilia, guests embark on an inspiring journey about self-discovery, conviction, and belief.

A Global Gathering Place:

The Center serves as a place of inspiration, advocacy, and collaboration, reflecting Ali’s lifelong efforts to promote respect and understanding among all people.

Ali’s Six Core Principles:

The Center illuminates Ali’s six core principles that fueled his journey: Confidence, Conviction, Dedication, Giving, Respect, and Spirituality.

Unique Artifacts:

View Ali’s Olympic gold medal, a replica of his Deer Lake training camp, and art inspired by his life.

Rotating Exhibits:

The Center regularly hosts temporary exhibits, ensuring that there’s always something new for return visitors.

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