Goodwood – Louisville, Kentucky

Nature’s Touch, Brewer’s Craft


Goodwood Brewery, rooted in nature’s goodness, crafts beers that are aged and touched by wood, offering a distinctive character.

Woody Warmth:

Every sip offers a hint of the wood, a touch of nature, and a whole lot of brewing excellence.

Aged to Perfection:

With patience as a virtue, Goodwood’s beers are given the time they deserve, resulting in flavors that are deep and rich.

Nature’s Brewmaster:

Harnessing the elements, from limestone water to oak aging, Goodwood creates beers that are a nod to Mother Nature.

From Bark to Brew:

Dive into the Goodwood experience, understand the influence of wood, and savor beers that are truly one with nature.

Natural Nuances:

Join us at Goodwood, where nature and brewer come together to craft beers that resonate with the essence of the land.
  • Farm-Focused Craftsmanship: Crafting beers with a deep connection to local farms, using their ingredients to create a unique farmhouse brewery experience.
  • Wild and Untamed: Explore the untamed side of brewing with an array of wild beers, all carefully fermented with wild yeast and bacteria.
  • Rustic Taproom: Immerse yourself in the rustic and inviting atmosphere of the taproom while savoring the brewery’s distinctive offerings.

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