Evan Williams Experience – Louisville, Kentucky

A Journey Through Time and Taste


Evan Williams, a name synonymous with quality bourbon, offers an immersive experience in Louisville that takes enthusiasts on a journey through bourbon history.

Celebrating Evan Williams:

Being one of the pioneers of Kentucky Bourbon, Evan Williams proudly showcases its history, its methods, and, most importantly, its world-class bourbon through interactive exhibits and tastings.

Crafting Excellence:

Experience firsthand the magic behind bourbon crafting, from grain to glass, and savor the distinct flavors that have made Evan Williams a household name.

A Nod to the River:

Perched on historic Whiskey Row, Evan Williams celebrates its proximity to the Ohio River—a pivotal conduit in bourbon’s historical journey.

Step Back to Prohibition:

Embracing the clandestine allure of the 1920s, the distillery’s speakeasy tastings are a vivid journey back in time, replete with the mystery of the Prohibition era.

Dramatic Distillation:

Elevating the bourbon narrative, Evan Williams stages theatrical renditions that vividly bring to life the saga of the brand and its eponymous founder.

Craft Over Quantity:

Breaking away from industrial scale, the distillery champions artisanal methods, where each batch stands testament to a meticulous handcrafted process.

The Perfect Pair:

Highlighting bourbon’s diverse palate, Evan Williams presents curated sessions where their signature bourbon harmoniously pairs with handpicked artisanal chocolates.

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