Dueling Barrels Brewing Company

Brewing and Distilling Rich Kentucky Traditions


Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Pikeville, Kentucky, Dueling Barrels Brewing Company stands as a beacon of artisanal craftsmanship, where the mastery of brewing and distilling vividly intertwines with the rich folklore and traditions of Appalachia.

A Nod to Pikeville’s Vibrant Past:

The name Dueling Barrels pays homage to Pikeville’s vibrant history, particularly the infamous Hatfield-McCoy feud. Here, each handcrafted beer and spirit becomes a narrative, telling tales of historic duels, rugged landscapes, and the undulating harmonies of Bluegrass music that waft through the Kentucky hills.

Exploring the Art of Brewing and Distilling:

Visitors embarking on a journey with Dueling Barrels are treated to an immersive experience where the art of brewing beer and distilling whiskey are celebrated under one roof. The process from grain to glass is unveiled, offering a glimpse into the meticulous craftsmanship that defines each pour.

A Palette of Flavors from the Appalachia:

Dueling Barrels takes pride in curating a portfolio of beers and spirits that are deeply influenced by the Appalachia. Ingredients are sourced with a nod to the region, ensuring that each sip is a reflection of the natural bounty and the spirit of Kentucky’s landscapes.

Craftsmanship Meets Innovation:

Traditional methods of brewing and distilling are honored, yet innovation is fervently embraced. Dueling Barrels artfully balances the time-honored practices with modern techniques, ensuring creations that respect heritage while appealing to contemporary tastes.

The Heartbeat of Kentucky’s Musical Legacy:

Immersing deeper into the cultural richness, Dueling Barrels also celebrates the resonating sounds of Kentucky’s musical legacy. From Bluegrass to country, the essence of Appalachian melodies permeates through the walls, providing a rhythmic backdrop to every tasting experience.

Community, Celebration, and Camaraderie:

Dueling Barrels extends beyond being a mere brewing and distilling hub; it stands as a gathering place where the community, visitors, and enthusiasts come together to celebrate, share stories, and indulge in the rich flavors of meticulously crafted beverages.

Join the Dueling Barrels Journey:

Embark on a journey where history, tradition, and innovative craftsmanship meld into a uniquely Kentucky experience. Dueling Barrels invites you to be part of a story where every sip is a celebration of Pikeville’s rich history and the timeless art of brewing and distilling.

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