Castle Hill – Versailles, Kentucky


Castle Hill, standing regally in Versailles, is more than just a winery—it’s a legacy. It combines the grandeur of the past with today’s wine brilliance.

Vineyards of Majesty:

Every grape harvested from Castle Hill’s sprawling vineyards is a testament to Versailles’ unique climate and terroir, ensuring unparalleled wine profiles.

Journey through Castle Hill:

The estate beckons wine lovers to delve deep into its rich heritage. From vine to bottle, the Castle Hill experience is nothing short of royal.

Centuries of Excellence:

The legacy of Castle Hill is intricately woven with the history of Versailles, with each vintage adding a new chapter to its illustrious story.

A Venue of Celebrations:

The majestic backdrop of Castle Hill serves as a sought-after venue for events, wine launches, and celebrations, making it a focal point in Versailles’ cultural diary.

Former Castle:

Located on the grounds of a former castle built in the early 1900s.

Castle Tour:

Take a special tour of the ruins of the castle.

Special Events:

Host weddings, corporate events, and concerts throughout the year.

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