Bardstown Bourbon Company – Bardstown, Kentucky

Modern Spirit, Timeless Tradition


Amidst the bourbon heartland of Bardstown, the Bardstown Bourbon Company stands as a testament to both innovation and heritage. It’s here that the past, present, and future of bourbon converge.

The New Age Bourbon:

Bardstown Bourbon Company isn’t just preserving tradition; it’s evolving it. With a foot firmly in the past and an eye towards the future, it represents the next chapter in Bardstown’s rich bourbon legacy.

Join the Revolution:

Step into our world, where every corner offers a revelation. From the intricate details of our distilling process to tasting the harmonious blend of aged and new bourbons, a visit to Bardstown Bourbon Company promises an unforgettable experience.

Collaborative Distilling:

Embracing a unique approach, they collaborate with partners to produce custom, authentic whiskey products.

Transparent Process:

One of the few distilleries that showcases its entire production process to visitors, from grain to bottle.

Modern Culinary Delights:

Their on-site restaurant emphasizes modern farm-to-table cuisine, often pairing dishes with their spirits.

Training the Next Generation:

Bardstown Bourbon Company has a comprehensive distilling program, training the next wave of bourbon masters.

Bourbon Fusion:

Showcasing a unique series where traditional bourbon is blended with other spirits, highlighting innovation in the bourbon industry.

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