Baker-Bird Winery

Preserving History While Crafting Future Vintages


Baker-Bird Winery, gracefully perched in the historic town of Augusta, Kentucky, is not only the steward of meticulously crafted wines but also a guardian of rich history and heritage, intertwined intimately with America’s winemaking journey.

A Sanctuary of History:

Proudly recognized as the oldest commercial winery in America, Baker-Bird distinguishes itself as a sanctuary where stories of antebellum winemaking practices are preserved, and narratives of historic wine cellars that harbored wines during the Civil War are eloquently whispered by its timeless walls.

Embracing Tradition and Innovation:

While Baker-Bird Winery is deeply rooted in tradition, it isn’t confined by it. The winery harmoniously melds traditional vinification methods with innovative techniques, curating wines that are expressive of their historic roots yet appealing to contemporary palates.

Award-Winning Wines, Honoring Terroir:

The undulating hills and unique terroir of Augusta bestow Baker-Bird with the capability to craft wines that are not only expressive of the region but have also been accoladed with awards, bearing testimony to the winery’s dedication to quality and excellence.

The Preservation of a Historic Cellar:

Amongst its vine-laden landscapes stands the winery’s historic wine cellar, an architectural marvel and a testament to the resilience and preservation of history, offering guests a sip of the past, amidst the cooling embrace of its aged stone walls.

A Commitment to Sustainability:

Mindful of its footprint, Baker-Bird is steadfast in its commitment to sustainability. Every bottle crafted is a testament to environmentally conscious practices that not only produce exquisite wines but also ensure the protection and sustenance of the land.

Wine Tasting Experiences, A Journey Through Time:

Baker-Bird extends an invitation to immerse oneself in an elegant symphony of wine tasting experiences. From the vibrant vineyards to the historic cellars, each visit becomes a journey through time, encapsulated within every sip of their meticulously crafted wines.

Baker-Bird’s Open Arms:

Step into a world where history and modern winemaking entwine, creating an experience that is uniquely Baker-Bird. The winery, with its open arms, welcomes you to be a part of its ongoing story, where each bottle is a nuanced expression of its historic journey and a toast to the future of exquisite winemaking.

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