Apocalypse – Louisville, Kentucky

End of the Mundane, Birth of Brilliance


Apocalypse Brew Works brings about the end of regular beers, ushering in an era of exceptional, boundary-pushing brews.

Revolutionary Brews:

Crafted with a rebellious spirit, every beer challenges conventions and delights in its uniqueness.

Last Call for Boredom:

Apocalypse is where mundane beers meet their end, and exciting, flavorful beers rise.

Dawn of a New Era:

In a world filled with generic tastes, Apocalypse stands as a beacon for innovation and passion.

Celebrate the End:

Visit Apocalypse, celebrate the end of the ordinary, and toast to the extraordinary.

Crafting Cataclysmic Concoctions:

Join us in our quest to constantly push boundaries, crafting beers that are both radical and refreshing.
  • Metal-Themed Brewery: Metal-themed brewery with a dark and edgy atmosphere.
  • Dark Beers: Specializes in dark beers, such as stouts, porters, and black metal ales.
  • Live Music: Enjoy live music from metal bands on the weekends.

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