Alltech’s Lexington Brewing and Distilling Co.-Lexington,KY

A Confluence of Brewing Mastery and Distilling Artistry


Venture into the heart of Lexington, Kentucky, where Alltech’s Lexington Brewing and Distilling Co. emerges as a haven of unparalleled brewing and distilling craftsmanship. Our establishment is more than a brewery and distillery – it’s where innovative techniques, timeless traditions, and a profound passion for quality converge to create exquisite spirits and beers.

A Dual Odyssey of Flavors:

Our journey meanders through the rich terrains of both brewing and distilling, crafting narratives in the forms of splendid beers and spirits. Each bottle embodies our commitment to quality and innovation, offering a savoring experience that is deeply rooted in our Lexington heritage while whispering tales of contemporary mastery.

Time-Honored Brewing Techniques:

The brewery, a vibrant component of our establishment, brings forth beers that are a symphony of classic brewing techniques and innovative flavor profiles. From the robustness of our stouts to the crisp notes of our ales, our beers invite you to explore the myriad expressions of quality brewing.

The Spirit of Kentucky Distilling:

As you traverse from the brewery into our distillery, the essence of Kentucky’s rich distilling legacy permeates through. Our spirits, whether robust bourbons or delicate whiskies, carry the soul of Lexington, honoring traditional distilling practices while gently intertwining with nuanced innovations.

Sustainable Crafting:

Alltech’s Lexington Brewing and Distilling Co. ardently embraces sustainability, ensuring our crafting processes not only yield exceptional beverages but also honor and preserve our environment. From utilizing locally sourced ingredients to adopting energy-efficient practices, our sustainability ethos permeates through every step of our brewing and distilling journey.

Immersive Experiences Awaiting:

We open our doors for enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and the curious to step into our world and explore the secrets behind our beers and spirits. Engage in a sensory exploration through our guided tours, where every corner unravels a new chapter in our crafting story, from the intricacies of ingredient selection to the meticulousness of our brewing and distilling processes.

Innovation at its Core:

Though deeply rooted in traditional practices, our beverages echo a spirit of innovation. Our master brewers and distillers, with a profound respect for time-honored techniques, continually embark on creative endeavors, introducing new expressions, flavors, and experiences that enthrall and captivate.

Engaging the Community:

We are proud to be a vibrant thread in Lexington’s cultural and community tapestry. Our establishment is not merely a place of business but a space where communities converge, experiences are shared, and where the vibrant spirit of Lexington is celebrated through every bottle we craft.

Celebrations in Every Bottle:

Alltech’s Lexington Brewing and Distilling Co. welcomes you to be part of our continuous journey where every bottle is a celebration of our passion, expertise, and the vibrant community that surrounds us. Engage with our brands, immerse yourself in our experiences, and let’s toast to the splendid journey ahead.

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